Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer weight loss or weight gain is eating watermelon?

Summer, hot weather, watermelon is the most common fruit, cheap delicious and refreshing. But many female friends are concerned about is eating watermelon to lose weight? Some people say they eat watermelon to the purpose of weight loss, but some people say that watermelon sugar more, eat more but negative, then the watermelon is possible to lose weight in the end?

Should first understand the reasons for weight gain. Why do people get fat? On a fundamental reason: input> consumption! You eat too much, not so much the body needs nutrition, put it into fat accumulation up. For he did not gain weight, must be maintained to: daily intake of calories consumed = calories the body. For their weight, it must be done: daily consumption of calories> intake of calories. This is the principle of weight loss.

The role of nutrition and from speaking watermelon, watermelon diuretic, helps digestion, it is more than 94% moisture. So eating watermelon can speed up the metabolism, detoxification role of beauty, can help rid the body of excess water, while some people do have the effect of weight loss.