Monday, August 16, 2010

4 popular ideas about health are false

With the development of science and technology, the growing number of sports and fitness research, some new ideas to replace the old concept. In this regard, like health are often skeptical. Recently, the United States combined with the latest international study of a web site, interviews leading experts on the concept of 9 popular fitness, analyze right and wrong, and analyzed.

1, aerobic exercise most heat loss? Wrong.

Conventional wisdom says that the most aerobic exercise burns calories, a number of recent research is just the opposite. Found that strength training is more energy than aerobic exercise. Strength training not only helps tone muscles, and to better promote the metabolism, helps burn fat long-term adherence. Studies have shown that strength training even to the end of 36 hours, the body of the energy consumption of the process continues.

2, exercise can reduce fat? Right.

Although exercise can not prevent fat accumulation, but it can consume the body fat. Involved in various energy-consuming exercise, combined with proper diet, will help to reduce body fat content, so tall and more slender. Michigan State University kinematics expert Robert - Professor Olsen recommendations, and more for the hips, thighs and other parts were easy to hoard fat, exercise, while not ignoring other parts of the body muscle training. In addition, the power for the tendon to exercise is also important.

3, should first stretch and then run? Right.

Some studies claim that excessive stretching exercises before running easily ligaments harden, easy-to-injury, but still need to exercise before the joints and ligaments, "opened." U.S. therapist Robert - Dr. Ma Siqi proposal a good idea to run 5-10 minutes jogging to warm up for 30-60 seconds and then less intense stretching.

4, a marathon easy to get heart disease? Not necessarily.

Canada in May 2009 a study confirmed that the marathon is indeed in the short term damage to the heart, but rest one week after finishing a marathon, return to normal heart function, not legacy. First to participate in long-distance race before, be sure to seek medical advice, and sufficient training before the game, after all, a marathon biggest danger is that the training exercise over the amount of load to the heart to withstand extraordinary.