Monday, August 2, 2010

Seize the diet tips to lose weight easier

The body does not want to lose shape, first of all to start from the diet. Six skills you eat more slender.

Rapeseed meal had a

Dishes cooked with oil, a meal to a limit. If the main dish is the fried meat pie, then do not eat vegetables, deputy Add seasoning sauce vegetable salad, and replaced by cold vegetables, and so can avoid feeding excessive oil. However, even during the weight loss, eat a meal about a teaspoon of oil or necessary.

Expert Tips: oil can not easily stomach to reduce hunger and the opportunity to eat snacks and have the effect of increased absorption of carotenoids.

Eat enough whitefish, red meat, soy products

Low-calorie and high-quality protein intake must be more, on behalf of food have white fish, red meat, beans and bean products, dairy products. Women needed for a day 60 grams of protein.

Expert Tip: In addition to manufacturing muscle and blood proteins, the material is a hormone essential nutrients. Protein when inadequate health will be affected, the action can not eat long-term sustainability.

Day 1 tablespoon granulated sugar

Eat sugar and fat is fat and cause of the disease, but the order to cook delicious dishes, a small amount of use is necessary, therefore to a tablespoon a day is limited.

Snack when you try to avoid drinking sweet beverages or eat cake like food, if really want to eat dessert when choosing to use a lot of fat and sugar production of dessert, rather eat jelly or small steamed pastries such as fat-free .

Changes in cooking methods

Fried food or stir-fry oil, excessive food intake is obesity culprit, so do not as convenient and tasty fast food, they often do fried food, but to actively consider to reduce heat conditioning.

In addition, even the same deep-fried food, cut very small if the ingredients and then fried, so easily absorb grease and high heat. That is according to the different frying method, the heat will be contained in a large difference.

"Adults are growing up in line with the children, usually deep-fried food will be cooking dishes such as the example of Xiangdang Duo, this Juedui be obese. Therefore, even be of the same material, some ask for adults to use steaming, boiling, baking and other low-calorie conditioning would be more appropriate. "

According to experts, such a proposal, with a slight change in the method of conditioning, it can be more delicious dishes and reduce heat.

Drinking water

Alcohol or sweet drinks are the largest weight loss, "the enemy", while drinking water and tea is your best friend. Even 100% juice beverage composition, also contains a lot of sugar, so patient and do not drink as much as possible is the best policy.

Heat accumulation is generally believed that drinking will not, in fact, very high liquor calories as calories in 100 ml of Sake 198 kcal (carbohydrate 9.0 g), a glass of red wine has 80 calories of heat (sugar mass 1.7 g).

Experts say: in any case can not