Monday, August 23, 2010

In the end how to prevent upper body fat?

Failed to lose weight three reasons: 1. Seems to have little effect. 2. To dramatically change their lifestyles. 3. Psychological pressure and physical deterioration. In fact, the key is to lose fat meal 30 minutes. Why? This is what should do 30 minutes to reduce body fat?

Seize the opportunity to lose weight after dinner

30 minutes of everything

In the end how to prevent upper body fat? The most effective method is aerobic exercise. If it can not, at least not let postprandial blood glucose concentration.

Do not want to grow more fat than it is now, first thing to do is to move a bit after dinner. Because of the small intestine began to absorb is around 30 minutes after dinner, while the rise in blood glucose levels began to absorb some of the small intestine after 30 minutes.

Compared with the set aside time for fitness, do not underestimate the calories consumed daily. Recently, the U.S. Institute published a study oxygen Kubo, found in the daily life activities in health conscious people, and for 6 months, 5 days a week, for 20-60 minutes a day swimming or riding a bike such as aerobic exercises than people, to reduce body weight and body fat is almost the same. The same study found that daily energy consumption far more than imagined.