Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why do you exercise to lose weight to no avail?

Many people have this kind of trouble is also a movement to lose weight, why do a lot of thin people, and my weight, it seems that the change is not?

Affect the effectiveness of exercise to lose weight there are many factors, such as physical fitness, diet and patterns of life, and we help you point out one by one to see which of your own

1) a high rate of its own fat, metabolic rate is too low

You are not a regular diet to lose weight, eat a variety of diet pills, weight repeatedly it? Do not think that these unscientific methods to lose weight your body no harm, in essence, repeated the process to lose weight, your muscles Yue Lai The less fat, increasing the rate to the end, even if you starve to death, reduced body weight is also very difficult to go on.

This type of movement of people to lose weight, the effect is naturally slower than the average person. Need for long-term adherence, but also some of the larger movement and moderate intensity aerobic exercise combined (for example, a combination of sprint + jogging, etc.). At the same time to drink low-fat milk, milk does not make you fat, but you eat too much fat. Will give you the right amount of milk to add protein to enhance basal metabolism.

2) The movement can not be sustained

In general, if you want to stay in shape, exercise 2-3 times a week, every ten to twenty minutes is enough, but if you want to lose excess fat, you need to increase the amount of exercise per week, exercise at least three -4 times, each time over 45 minutes.

Select a number of easy, for so long adhered to ease movement, such as in-situ jogging, brisk walking, stair climbing, etc., these are a necessary exercise to lose weight.
3) eat too much, to offset the movement consumption

Some people after every movement, feeling very good, so safely eat, I feel so much movement consumed calories, eating little to no relationship. However, after exercise of a glass of cola, fruit juice or a bag of chocolate, will be the outcome of your campaign to offset.

Want to lose weight after exercise Bieluan eat, drink boiled water or dilute brine to add moisture.

4) natural physical factors that

Indeed there are some people, exercise a lot, eat very little, but still lose weight unsuccessful. These people are not likely to be smooth circulation led to the low metabolic rate, in addition to daily exercise, may wish to try regular stretching and flapping in turn, stimulate the blood circulation, regulating endocrine.

Effects of exercise to lose weight to improve a number of small tips:

Do some exercise before dinner:

After returning home from work the first thing is to do first point of moderate exercise and then eat, so you can adjust the appetite. If you are a family bus can also be a stop or two stops early and get off to brisk walking and then walking home in a way so as to achieve the purpose of moderate exercise.

Bedtime Small Movement:

Generally speaking, within a few hours after exercise in the heat consumption will be higher than those without pre-exercise an hour a few cards to dozens of cards. Think about it two hours after eating dinner Sports 30 minutes, and then a bath, then bed, then even to sleep, and she still continues to lose weight oh!

Minutes time for exercise:

Sounds "Campaign 1 hour a day," a little scary. But if that 1 hour is divided into several parts, seems to complete. Recent study found that same 60 minutes, sections done better than the one to complete the effect. You can do: In the morning to work and brisk walking for 20 minutes, walking for 20 minutes at noon meal in the evening and then exercise for 20 minutes and so on.