Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do not have to weighed daily for weight loss

Weight loss period, people are particularly sensitive to weight, like every day, said weighing, and even early this morning that once, at night they still called once. In fact, we disagree with those who weighed themselves daily to lose weight.

They weighed themselves daily inaccurate

The day the body weight change of 1 to 1.5 kilograms. The factors leading to these changes, including the stomach and small intestine to digest the food there is not need to discharge urine and residue inside the large intestine, including perspiration, after dehydration and drink the blood dilution. So, one day weighing error of a great, simply can not accurately reflect the changes in fat.

Pattern is different for each person's life, weigh-in time is also different. For single individuals, weight loss should be regularly weighed during the period, each shall be at the same time, such as the bed or bath, the solution will be, the more accurate is not easy to be affected. Measurement of body weight before breakfast closer to the real weight.

Emotional impact of daily weigh-in

Because they weighed themselves daily, people unknowingly put their own emotions and the number of scales on the link, emotional Huqihula, a greater impact on the body metabolic stability. Many see their weight, weight loss rebound on you'd rather die, or simply a hunger strike, or eat too much, or despair, depression, brought about many unnecessary troubles, but to lose weight can not be maintained. Weight loss people are impatient for success, in fact, even if you eat or drink for consumption of energy is also more than just the equivalent of 200 grams of fat, and then taking into account the error range of weighing scales, how could one day there are significant changes? We can see that the so-called two days difference between a change in more than 1000 grams, is nothing more than water and stomach caused by food residues and other changes.

Find out by the fat or water

Dieter weighing, if the sighting of 2 kg, it may be ecstatic; if weight of 2 kg, may be very frustrating. But you know what? This increase or decrease the number of changes are likely to be weighing scales in the "mischief." For example: You have lost the 4 kg of water, an increase of 3 kilograms of fat, and minus 1 kg of muscle, you are standing on the scales, you will find its own weight of 2 kg, then you might feel good, but the fact you have increased the last three kilograms of fat. If you had lost four kilograms of fat, while an increase of 5 kg of water, although the weight on the scale shows an increase of 1 kg body weight, will let you down, but in fact is that you lose four kilograms of excess fat, and this is is not a bad result.

People often lose weight to body weight fluctuations as the only reference, in the end do not know is the reduced fat or water. A real reduction in "fat" should be in the body fat indices Zizhubijiao. Body fat refers to all of the fat part of the body, burning 1 gram of fat is usually taken 1 gram of water, so the initial weight loss lose weight fast reason is because of moisture loss. However, the body will be self-regulation, to allow water to return to the body, so the emergence of body weight plateau. The body fat plateau, but it means the body's energy supply and demand reach a steady state, if we expect the emergence of another decline in slope, then the need for greater energy consumption.

Therefore, the normal-weight scales may give you a false impression of qualified electronic fat scale can be a more reasonable reflection of weight loss.

In January said that once the best

Weight loss period, body weight once a day saying that we do not advocate, but it can be said that once a week in order to control body weight and make a record. The best arrangements for each weekend morning, after defecation, before eating. However, we advocate once a month, said weight, women should be in the morning one day after menstruation, because the week before menstruation cause water retention body weight 1 to 1.5 kg.

In fact, if you do not weigh, there are many direct and effective way to determine the weight-reducing effect, such as: waist circumference, hip circumference, Thigh, abdominal fat thickness, belt buttonhole position, clothing tightness. These are our very real In the need to pursue goals.