Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Slimming The Some correct mentality

1. A food not a fat, eating a meal will not change scrag

Do not eat some fat for their own food and low self-esteem, personal opinion, are occasionally eat what they like to eat the so-called high-calorie foods will help to lose weight, so easier to long-term adherence. So long as a reasonable control weight, know how to use sports to the consumption of excess calories that can be as thin.

Similarly, do not feel that he has not hungry, 2,3 days, how thin, weight loss is a long process and requires a sustained endurance, even to 2,3 days thin is no doubt a lot is bound to rebound, so really want to slim down or the health of we should all adhere to.

2. Do not try to half of men and women to lose weight 10 pounds thinner

To lose weight too fast can cause endocrine non-tune function of internal organs, the skin may become the loose. But also lead to a backlash, fat again.

Weight loss is a protracted war, need to adhere to the safest weight loss cycle is 2 - 3 Kg.

3. Do not copy someone else's weight loss methods

Everyone physical taste different, do not blindly copy someone else's weight-loss methods, learn to draw sum up their own ways to lose weight, so is easier to adhere to, but also more effective. Diet

4. Do not think that eating low-fat sugar-free can be arbitrary

Sugar-free low-fat food is not absolutely safe, but most of sweeteners used in sugar-free foods, such as: aspartame, Ansai honey, or sugar alcohols, long-term use will kidney burden, do not uncontrolled consumption, low-fat is not no fat, but also appropriate to use in order to lose weight.

5. Do not weighed, but to look in the mirror of men and women to lose weight

I think this point I am sure you are aware, we are not to lose weight in order to reduce weight, more importantly, visually thinner.

There are many reasons for fluctuations in body weight, and sooner or later a difference of 4 kg body weight are normal, and women on their periods before and after a few catties will be worse, all day long is called only by the attack affect your weight loss mentality. The general said as long as a month once, and and the last name is the same one and the same amount of time, said.