Monday, February 8, 2010

Which waist quick weight loss methods

Thin waist There are many ways to lose weight, which is most suitable for you? Come take a look at Xiao Bian a summary remedy bar!

First, which waist quick weight loss methods?

Through campaigns to reduce waist fat is the most effective and most thorough way, but not blind exercise, but rather to have a reasonable training program to carry out targeted training.

Second, I have been Chijianfeiyao, weight has decreased significantly, but the waist is still fat, can not achieve the desired results, how should I do?

The first thing we learn about the principles of weight-loss drugs, its principles are mostly:

1) loss of appetite inhibitors: These drugs are mainly central nervous system by inhibiting norepinephrine and 5 - selective serotonin re-absorption, excited Eating hub, resulting in satiety, thereby suppressing appetite, increasing metabolism, reducing body weight.

2) fat absorption blockers: frequently used is the habit Oli him, this is a new type of endogenous lipase inhibitor and to reduce nutrient absorption of drugs.

3) Biguanides hypoglycemic agents: can cause loss of appetite, for the treatment of obesity with diabetes. From which we can see these weight loss drugs although it can play a Fat Burn effect, but many can not absorb nutrients, harmful to health. Your current situation including the lack of muscle, only by strengthening the muscles in order to increase physical activity minus the waist of the warts.

Third, I am very fat, lose weight through a variety of ways, from the original 200 kilograms to the present 180 kilograms. But the abdominal skin, meat and relaxation, empty droop down, how can we be tightened?

Your situation is common, because a large percentage of fat, so reduce fat is a long process, you need to your diet and exercise sciences combined, and more equipment training, help to tighten the slack in the stomach I believe that in the near future you will not have you now the case.

Forth, I see a TV shopping program waist fat, high-frequency vibration reduction equipment, is there really right waist fat reduction effective?

Instruments for the effect of reduced fat little, we all know that fat consumption process is when a human body in motion the process of aerobic metabolism, so reduce fat through exercise is a very scientific and effective methods.

Fifth, I wish to ask experts for their own tailor-made waist and weight-loss plans and training programs, may I ask where to consult the relevant issues?

Now large-scale health club has a very professional coaching for your tailor-made for your own diet plans and training programs.

Sixth, Men's beer belly how to exercise a healthy abdominal muscles?

To eliminate the "beer belly", the need to work together in many ways, for example, usually eat eat eat seven parts; daily exercise; a warm bath before going to bed wash, improve sleep conditions, pay attention to drinking restraint, to do some targeted Strong practice.