Monday, February 1, 2010

Liposuction to lose weight before the must-see article

Liposuction refers to the incision through the skin directly to the in vitro method of fat removal, remove local accumulation of fat, weight loss to achieve the purpose of shaping is usually used in liposuction instruments, first took the negative pressure suction machine, since there are an ultrasonic liposuction machine, in recent years, the clinical use of electronic machines harmony and resonance liposuction liposuction machine.

Liposuction to lose weight for people?

Liposuction to lose weight is not suitable for all the major organs of the simple obesity organic lesions to subcutaneous fat accumulation in different parts of obesity effects are particularly remarkable, removable parts, including face and neck fat, Xiang, back, breast, upper arm, waist and abdomen , arm, thigh, calf and so on, through liposuction weight loss surgery can remove fat accumulation of fat, so that even well-proportioned body, the curve is more beautiful, but too much for some intra-abdominal contents, less subcutaneous fat people, as some men are less suitable for abdominal liposuction to lose weight.

Liposuction surgery scar is obvious that whether the operation need to be hospitalized?

Liposuction weight loss surgery generally opt for a more secluded area to do incision (negative pressure liposuction method and ultrasonic liposuction method) or perforated (e-liposuction method), after the trace is often not obvious, the operation is more carried out under local anesthesia, generally without hospitalization, can be implemented in the outpatient surgery.

Liposuction is not the thinner the better?

Subcutaneous fat is the body's fat library is in the normal metabolic process in the remaining part of a small amount of fat a buffer, warmth and accumulation of energy, it is also the maintenance of the female body is soft, rounded curves of the material necessary for the United States. When the excessive accumulation of subcutaneous fat, the graceful curves will disappear, people have become bloated, hoarse.

But after liposuction of subcutaneous fat over thin, we also make the skin to lose elasticity and soft touch, or even result in local skin blood circulation disorder, so the line should be retained Liposuction of subcutaneous fat thickness is about 0.5-1cm can not be too thin.

Liposuction to lose weight have any side effects?

Liposuction to lose weight is a normal tissue trauma, in part be some bleeding after surgery, the skin may appear the following: bruising, usually in 7-15 days away. Swelling, numbness, about 20-30 days away. Sclerosis, located in the skin, appearance can not be detected, the touch can be connected into the lump, usually about 90-180 days dissipated.

What need to be prepared before the liposuction surgery?

First, tell the doctor carefully to understand matters related to surgery and doctors of the surgical operation of skill, careful choice of hospital doctor, according to a doctor to make the necessary preoperative examination, such as routine blood tests, electrocardiogram, etc. living and working arrangements to maintain about a weeks of full rest time, out of drugs has nothing to do with the surgery, preoperative bathing, preparing clean, loose fitting clothes and post-operative needs of the athletic pressure, stretch pants and so on.

What are some things to note after liposuction?

After suction of fat area to conduct pressure bandage without medical permission can not be arbitrarily loosen or remove the bandage, after about one week to completely remove the bandage, but the partial pressure still continues to stretch, waist, abdomen, thigh , calf, Xiang Department, abdominal and upper arm, back, can wear stretch pants, generally continued in March or so; another within a week after operation can not be strenuous exercise area can not be over-extrusion technique, while maintaining clean, pinhole area can not be prematurely wet.