Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to choose exercise to lose weight?

Speaking of exercise to lose weight, especially the waist and abdomen to remove the meat, people first thought is to do sit-ups. Television, newspapers and magazines can also see a variety of AB device advertising, demonstration models who are all very nice figure and an enviable abs, so we practiced with the equipment abdominal muscles, sooner or later on the ground doing sit-ups, over time, how the results like? Most people in addition to fat, the muscle below the outside of a solid practice, it will find that there are significant changes in circumference.

Why sit-ups do not eliminate belly fat? The reason is the body's energy supply is a very integrated overall system, any part of the muscle can not "make the best of? From a recent accumulation of fat We got the energy, but must be transported by the blood to be stored in the blood, liver, as well as systemic glycogen in the fat, use fat energy on the premise that exercise at least 20 minutes, and maintain cardiac rhythm at the highest 55% or more (maximum heart rate is 220 minus age). At this time the blood and liver glycogen consumption of finished, fat can be taken advantage of.

To understand this truth, we know what is the most effective weight loss exercise - prolonged low-intensity aerobic endurance, such as fast walking, jogging, swimming, boarding stairs, cycling, aerobics and all can be continued for 20 minutes or more, maintaining a certain level of cardiac movement.

What is the ideal weight loss speed? Most people consume 15 calories a minute of jogging around the heat (the greater the consumption, the more weight), while one kilogram of fat is 3500 kcal. If you jog for 30 minutes a day, in the case of no change in diet can reduce one kilogram a week.

Of course, this is only a theoretical calculation, after exercise, how much will actually eat a little, experts suggest that weight-loss rate is half a kilo a week, so cut down the weight is not easy rebound.

Then sit-ups do you still want to do? Yes, but twice a week, each time the two groups is enough to strengthen the abdominal muscle strength can prevent back injuries, is very helpful.