Friday, February 19, 2010

The most crucial 30 minutes of weight-loss

Weight does not necessarily lose body fat, and lose body fat, the key is in the beginning 30 minutes after a meal; why not? This is 30 minutes of what should do in order to effectively reduce body fat?

1. Slimming failed three reasons: it seems no effect, to substantially change their lifestyles, resulting in psychological stress and physical deterioration.

In the end how he can prevent upper body fat? The most effective method is aerobic exercise. If you really can not do, at least do not let the blood glucose concentration after a meal. Do not want to grow more fat than it is now, first thing to do is Move meal. Because intestinal absorption is around 30 minutes after dinner, while the rise in blood sugar levels began to absorb the small intestine is about 30 minutes later.

2. Worse after dinner break up and make you fat

After breakfast and lunch will usually go to ride or commute to work, more or less will be the activities of the body. The problem at the dinner, after dinner many people will be sitting watching TV or lie down to sleep, for this phenomenon, please refer to the advice of experts to form good habits.

30 minutes after a meal program of activities:

1. Collate the courtyard or balcony, if there is courtyard garden finishing a meal is a good choice. If there is no garden, you can create a garden terrace, while finishing of it, line to reduce fat in reality.

2. Clean the room is slightly the activities of the body, can also clean up after meals as a habit.

3. Wash the bath a little longer take a break for 30 minutes after dinner, you can properly wash a bath, if coupled with clean bathrooms, a better effect.

4. Couples massage each other husband and wife for 30 minutes after dinner each massage, massage party was very comfortable on the massage people are also very good exercise.

5. Select a restaurant farther lunch If you must eat out, do not always select the company next door to the restaurant, and take a 15-minute, looking for a tasty little restaurant, a cup of tea after eating can be, returning to office.