Sunday, February 21, 2010

Festival weight loss: experts recommend the scientific method

During the Spring Festival, there will inevitably eat drink, the accumulation of some fat, which tends to form a "post-holiday weight loss fever."

The following experts to the friends who desire to lose weight recommended two kinds of effective weight loss methods.

Walking abdominal contraction

Abdominal obesity can be used to do abdominal breathing abdominal contraction walk. Essentials of this approach is to fully inflated abdomen when inhaling, exhale the abdomen you need to shrink and tighten as much as possible. It helps to stimulate gastrointestinal motility, promoting waste from the body and increase lung capacity. Walk to shrink belly should be in accordance with the following methods: In the daily exertion when walking and standing with narrow abdomen and abdominal breathing, which would allow lower abdomen muscles to become strong. Just started using this method will not used to, but if at any time to remind ourselves that abdominal contraction to walk to achieve weight loss will be a good purpose.

Seat Weight Loss Training

Office of the seats for the use of weight training in the crowd. Sitting on the edge of armchair both hands hold back, feeling seemed to be slipped out of the chair. This is time to try to relax the body, as much as possible Camponotus Ta Yao, so that the surface of the waist as far as possible paste it into stool. Then move your feet take turns to do pedal a bike, then we must pay attention to relax the leg muscles. Sports need a foot down the stretch, and the lower the better, as long as you can not touch the ground, while the other leg bent upward, and the higher the better. These moves need to practice every day one or two groups, each with not less than 20 times.