Friday, July 30, 2010

A cup of milk a day to lose weight quickly

China Agricultural University, Food Science Department of Nutrition and Food Safety Dr. Fan Zhihong, told reporters that many people are aware of the high nutritional value of milk, all that drinking too much will put on weight, but do not know as long as the proper way of drinking, dairy products can really play control The role of body weight, because the calcium in dairy products and some other special role of nutrients.

Dr. Fan Zhihong said that according to latest research abroad, confirmed that the human body when the calcium will increase by some mechanism of insulin release and insulin release in itself will promote fat synthesis, reduced function of the body heat.

In this way, the body's energy consumption reduced fat synthesis, it is easy to gain weight. In addition, dairy products are also rich in branched-chain amino acids, it can also reduce the synthesis of fat.

In milk, goat milk, cheese and other dairy products to health and weight loss yoghurt best. If overweight people who want to achieve the purpose of weight loss is recommended to drink three glasses of milk a day or yogurt (750 grams total).

Because the experiments showed that 1,200 mg of calcium per day can best play a role in reducing body fat. If you just want to keep fit or to add a cup a day of calcium on it. Those who are conscious control of their total caloric intake of overweight children and puberty to use high-dairy diet results will be better.

If you drink 3 cups of milk a day, will in time also increased the calcium intake of calorie intake then? Heat gain weight will it bring up?

For this problem, Dr. Fan explained: To get the benefits of milk to lose weight, we must control the total energy, while in the more milk a corresponding reduction in intake of other foods, especially those with low nutritional value of foods that are high energy .

Such as sweet drinks, desserts, candies, puffed food, grass jelly, and high-fat Liangpi like food, appropriate reduction dinner staple, to ensure that the total balance. If you drink milk in between meals or before meals, can help the body to reduce appetite, lunch and dinner food, but quantity. If the overweight or obese, not to promote a meal or drink milk before going to bed.