Thursday, April 22, 2010

A long time without eating to lose weight coup

As long as less than people who say fat diet is difficult, in fact, as long as you find ways to lose weight can become easy. In our daily life, there are many eating habits affect my weight loss results. As long as you adjust, but also make you lose weight fast.

A long time without eating to lose weight coup

Not meal time should not exceed 4 hours. If a long time without eating, the body will release more insulin, which leads to hunger very quickly and eventually forget about food taboos, open stomach overeating, but more fat.

The right diet recipes recommend:


A cup of skim milk, two slices of bread.


Eat only vegetables, vitamin supplements regularly (most often eat the bell pepper).


Generally do not eat, drink occasionally porridge. Do not drink sugary drinks Coke, definitely do not eat four hours before going to bed anything.