Friday, April 16, 2010

Expert weight loss meal two weeks by the Model 10 kg

In this intervention, the dietitian circumstances of each person's blood lipid out a different prescription, provided the day's total calorie intake of food for the 1200 to 1800 calories, and asked everyone not to eat food other than recipe.

Their recipe is:

Breakfast: a small bag of coarse grains (100 grams), an egg, a bowl of milk, a small amount of vegetables.

Lunch and dinner: meat and vegetarian dishes with a view to lean meat, tofu, vegetables, rice is limited to 50 ~ 100 grams.

At first, many people can not adapt after a few days, you generally 1 to 2 kg weight loss, most of the day by 3 kg, two weeks down, everyone found waistband with both loose a lot.

One day the oil on a small spoon to eat

Weight loss meal per tonne to the fuel consumption model only 5 grams of total fuel consumption a day on a small spoon. Cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, lean meats are all cooked and then mixed with a little olive oil, and only this way of eating fat will not exceed the standard. At present, China's average urban per capita consumption of oil a day for almost 50 grams, the World Health Organization recommended amount (25 grams) 2 times. It is noteworthy that, vegetable oil can not eat too much, but also guard against invisible fat diet, such as dirty soup, dried fruit, milk and dairy products, baked food.

Vegetable tofu are also very important

The health of people depends largely on what to eat, how much to eat, what to eat. Such folk often say that "vegetable tofu security and peace", while spicy bean curd, braised vegetarian chicken are all soaked in oil, so eat more soy products, will be excess lipids. Although fish is low-fat food, but often in the pot to pour all kinds of seasoning sauce, the results would be used by high-fat foods. Many elderly people in order to "clean up" leftovers, eaten, we should also Tangtangshuishui drink you'll feel great cause stomach Yuehe Yue.

Eating more fruits and meat still president

Apples, pears are low calorie fruit though, but if a pear nearly half a catty weight may be excessive unwittingly. Summer, do not eat a lot of people who hold a watermelon, watermelon weighing 10 kg about 1,000 calories, the equivalent of more than half a catty of rice, the average woman can easily eat half a watermelon, so how can we reduce the weight of it? Nuts inside the fat Many, walnut, pistachio, Gua Ziren eating handfuls to accidentally overdose of.