Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What foods can contribute to weight loss

1, lettuce - to replace lost fat weight loss fiber

Common market spherical package lettuce, butter lettuce folds, there are lettuce, can be regarded as a kind of lettuce. And other than a common vegetable cabbage, lettuce fiber content more, the role of elimination of excess fat is a very good diet food. In addition, because students with lettuce leaves of factors, as well as hypnotic analgesia, lower cholesterol, treat nervous exhaustion and other effects.

Nutrition Highlights: cellulose-rich meat diet to supplement the deficiency in the fiber. Containing 100 grams of lettuce on a 1.52 g of dietary fiber.

Additional recommendations: In addition to producing common lettuce salad, you can also store in the refrigerator, clean stripping of some good lettuce, the meal time or when you want to eat that food can come up at any time to add.

2, asparagus - a low-carbohydrate weight-loss were to increase the vitamin and trace elements

However, the aristocratic asparagus vegetables: While the price a little expensive than other vegetables, but taste really delicious fragrance. And vegetables in general compared to asparagus vegetables contain fiber soft and delicious, but also contain more vitamins and trace elements. In addition, asparagus is rich in folic acid, about 5 asparagus to contain more than 100 micrograms daily demand has reached a person 1 / 4.

Nutrition Highlights: eat a plate of asparagus, rich in vitamins and trace elements that can add your friends regret vitamin deficiencies.

Additional recommendations: First, the asparagus is best cooked the entire root, so to the maximum extent possible to maintain nutrition; In addition, nutrition and more at the tip asparagus, the best to cook asparagus tied up by the wrists to maintain nutrition.

3, summer squash - clear yellowish complexion after weight loss

This bland and cheap vegetables, their nutritional value but no less significant. Pumpkin contains more vitamin C, glucose and other nutrients, especially calcium high. Moreover, the squash is rich in water, with moist skin.

Nutrition Highlights: No matter what diet to follow, people who lose weight often feel that they pale yellow, skin relaxation. Pumpkin is rich in water can help you lose weight after the yellowish clear, but also your fair complexion.

Additional recommendations: Zucchini should not be eaten raw, cooking time should not be burned suck, so as to avoid loss of nutrition. In addition, the squash is cold, stomach Deficiency people should eat less or eat carefully.