Monday, April 12, 2010

2 Weight loss recipe

Weight loss recipe 1: Egg weight loss

Eggs can also make high-density lipoprotein in the blood increased to protect against hardening of blood vessels. Egg diet is very useful, when your weight is up to standard, then to balance calories consumed with calories, you can make a lasting weight loss.

Eggs, eat to lose weight:

Consecutive two weeks is to eat boiled, grapefruit and a few vegetables in the diet. 5 to 9 a day to eat eggs, eat in three installments. Intake per day is about 1000 kcal or so.

Weight loss recipe 2: watermelon diet

Amine in watermelon, a diuretic function, but not urinary frequency, but to help you reduce the number of peeing water, the body of toxins can be discharged smoothly, metabolism naturally good for drinking caused dizziness, fatigue, its effects are also very good solution drunk. Thin 10 a month can be several kilograms!

Eat watermelon diet:

Take the red flesh of watermelon rind Shaodai to remove the outermost crust, cut into small pieces, then according to your taste, sugar, salt, various spices can be not only refreshing, but it has slimming beauty. Note that after nine at night should not eat watermelon, easy long belly and Xiao Duzi.