Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What is the weight loss plateau?

What is the weight loss plateau? Weight loss weight loss plateau is reached a certain stage, no matter how hard you try, no effect of weight loss that is suffered in the plateau.

Plateau refers to the process of people lose weight, the body to maintain basic metabolism, avoiding the energy is completely consumed, when the body's energy is consumed to a certain extent, the body will naturally produce a protective inhibition. In the weight loss process if the method used is too aggressive, or has the body to stimulate, the body has adapted to this stimulus, would also speed up the platform for the coming period. How to break through weight loss plateau?

Weight loss plateau is normal, everyone will experience weight loss during this plateau, the length of time it is, some people will for months, but some people just a few weeks. If weight loss has been insisting in the end, breaking the plateau, the weight will naturally continue to decline. However, after entering the plateau, due to body fat has been reduced, then the rate of weight loss will be reduced.

Period is to lose weight weight loss platform in the process of an important period, if the method did not master, not through the weight loss plateau and give up the diet. Weight loss results not only in the past did not keep, but will also lead to a backlash. If then you are on hold on the platform, then you are losing weight can be considered successful. In short, "the platform of not rebound, that is progress!"