Thursday, April 8, 2010

Most do not fly weight loss tips

The following is from "Time" magazine's Top 5 do not fly weight loss tips, weight loss of 5 to expose the lie about.

1. Can eat after 8 pm

In fact the day when you eat is not important, you can be of any suitable bingeing. Dietary energy consumption is on your day of sports-related, the relationship between them determine your flesh or out today is the meat. No matter what you eat, your body will store extra calories and fat. If you want to eat the snack before bed, but also without too hesitant, just think about how many calories you eat today, compared with about enough.

2. Is simply not a negative calorie food

You may have heard of some food, because they very difficult to digest, can make you lose weight. In recent years, some foods labeled as negative calorie foods to lose weight by the majority of fans of all ages, such as apples, citrus fruits, and celery. The problem is this is not true. These foods digest in the body of calories when compared to deplete the food itself is simply carried negligible calories. For example, chewing celery seem big mouth is a very demanding action, but it is like on the calorie burning program in the grasslands as useless light a little match.

3. Liquids have calories

You calculate your daily calorie beverages you drink? Many people in controlling appetite, but the drinks on laissez-faire itself again. For example, a glass of soda calories as a piece of fruit and a piece of toast bread, about 150 calories. Smoothie juice can bring 500 to 1,000 calories, 453 grams of coffee + milk can bring 260 calories. More importantly, our brains tend to not drink the signal for a halt in consumption. If you just want to increase your daily calories from 1200 to 1500, then used them to eat on.

4. No calorie drinks will gain weight

Zero-calorie cola you can not gain weight? No, here we propose to pure water. A study from the University of Texas showed that people who drink diet soda and no significant weight loss. This is not the exact reason, some scientists believe that this may be caused by industrial sweeteners, the brain disorder.

Five. Dessert instead of dinner can be

Occasionally eat a piece of ice cream or a cake instead of dinner, in fact no problem, as long as no habit. Do not deliberately restrain their desire for delicious food, and occasionally eat a food that tempts their most, in fact, indulge in binge eating will reduce your chances. This can also help you to better control their own long-term weight.