Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Loss weight with bread

For people who lose weight, bread has always been kept out. In fact, you need not so. As long as you skillfully bread, month by 10 pounds, there may.

1, bread and bread to eat enough to lose weight is the principle carbohydrate eating enough food, because carbohydrates can raise serotonin levels, so that you feel satiety, and may enhance the energy. This time the role of carbohydrates is extremely important because it directly affects your weight loss ratio.

2, frequent meals a day every 3-4 hours to eat a carbohydrate food, it can prevent the reduction in the level of serotonin and coexistence of the weight loss will occur in the physiological phenomenon.

For example, `sleepy hungry eat sweets` `fatigue` bad `angry` emotional distraught, because there are likely to damage any of your weight loss plan. More meals per day snack can also make your serotonin levels are maintained at a high level all day, which can also be maintained at a low level of insulin, the results you do not feel hungry, but also effectively make the body consumes energy.

3, drinking enough fluids is 60% of the body of water, so fluid on the metabolism is extremely important. Drinking enough water can cause that Baodu while they can prevent water shortages.

4, do regular exercise, while making bread, diet, exercise is certainly not small. Such as walking, cycling can consume extra calories and when blood sugar is `low fat and low insulin, it can promote metabolism, promoting fat decomposition.

5, eating the right food aid both men and women, have suggested that eating a variety of vitamins and calcium in food aid, do you have to absorb adequate nutrition.

Bread diet menu for the week of the first stage, the stage of mainly fast lose the main body of little use system Mole sauces or ingredients of sliced bread. The second stage, open-time, there is more food available. When weight loss slows, it can repeat the process a stage of eating.