Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two simple weight-loss tips

Lift the leg against the wall

Again we all know the wall is SLR. I will finish just after the movement. Body and legs against the wall at 90 degrees 30 minutes, had seen a doctor that long down the calves can be thin 1-2 cm, this action is simple, but perseverance is not easy, as bedtime can keep sleep accompany activities. And girls are often the varicose veins can be prevented.

Slip of the hands campaign

I also like the use of fragmented time to exercise, whether watching TV or using the toilet came out from the toilet, idle hands can do, it is a simple slip of the hands movement. I had seen on television practitioners recommend this simple exercise, we have seen the Vice President Vincent Siew recommended before, so I used to do it.

Is standing, and then fingers of both hands close together, the tiger's mouth open, when the aim is to walk away Do not let there fingers dangling wrist rejection chaos, bad joints. Whole arm straight, while subsequent rejection hard, can not remember the elbow bend! Later, the body will be felt very comfortable (winter, warm the body can do.) Can consume excess calories, they do not find another venue and time to do, watching television can do.