Friday, April 30, 2010

Diet to loss weight

Fast weight loss over time, completely into the food, only drink water, diet is known as the fastest and best method. According to legend, fast and semi-starvation with weight loss method has been extended for centuries.

NFAM "NFAM weight loss" is to one day diet is divided into breakfast and lunch 2 times - eat breakfast, eat lunch. After lunch, not eating, but you can drink water, tea, coffee and low-energy drinks.

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This approach is often suited to young people who love shortcuts. Because young, so have the capital to risk; because beauty eager, so also are willing to suffer hunger.

After a long evolution of human body become very smart and able to cope with a variety of different situations. It will be time enough storage of food energy, and in time to save energy hungry. When hunger strikes, your body will think that famine came, this time it will save energy as much as possible, down to the level of metabolism, to ensure your case in the absence of food to survive.

If the over-control of food intake, eating poorly, or not eat, of course, reduce your weight, but the reduction is more muscle, not fat. And you will feel do not want to move, depressed, just want to rest. This is also the physical instinct to let you reduce energy consumption, to ensure your case in the absence of food to survive. But you would not insist on too long, intense hunger, appetite, and will gradually resolve more than you lose weight. To that moment, you began the original eating habits, or weight-loss program since that successful treat yourself, leading to rapid weight recovery, even more than the original weight.