Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Aerobic + anaerobic weight loss super efficient

This diet allows you more with less. Follow this weight loss method, you can more easily cut!

Weight loss is most important is perseverance and determination to lose weight before to find a power source of its own, can you like the opposite sex or favorite idol, you want to: lose weight I can marrying you! At this point, you have succeeded half.

Weight loss tips is simple: aerobic exercise + anaerobic exercise

The first is aerobic exercise, I recommend that the rope. Can jump start the next 300, then increased to 500 the next, and then to 1000, during the jump can rest, but not more than one minute, the meat if they want to burn stomach more, you can pack a layer of towels in the stomach, will find all dance through sweat. Now every time I jump all of 2000, will not be strenuous.

Many people, especially beautiful MM, I am worried that after skipping the beautiful slender legs are not too dark like a tumor ah!? Here to teach you a way to stretch before and after skipping about leg muscles, you can shaping the , pay attention to the "front" will not be long muscles. Aerobic exercise is mainly to help you lose body fat on, and burn fat and very effective! My face is the site of the first to lose weight, I would like to have a direct bearing skip rope.

Followed by anaerobic exercise, anaerobic exercise is the dumbbell I choose, sit-ups.

Aerobic exercise to lose weight is to add anaerobic exercise at the same time to achieve the best results, more with less! Aerobic anaerobic exercise before and after the order varies.

Diet: avoid overeating! Not greedy!

Usually eat more white meat (poultry fish) and with protein-rich milk. There is, eat more fruits and vegetables, and thus produce the soreness after exercise can alleviate the sense of the role. Do not over-diet, the body is very negative!

Doubts arising from the movement

Many people will feel after exercise local or general soreness, in fact, this is normal. When you exercise, the body produces a lot of lactic acid, the solution is simple, a hot bath (lactic acid through the thermal decomposition of carbon dioxide and water excreted bit), there is to eat fruits and vegetables.