Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More breakfast and weight loss

While all know that breakfast is conducive to health and nutrition of a balanced, but there are still many people do not eat breakfast, one for work time constraints, and second, do not eat breakfast that can reduce energy consumption, as more conducive to weight loss. But studies show that breakfast plays an important role for successful weight loss.

Breakfast than those who do not eat breakfast to lose weight more easily. Studies have shown that compared to those who eat breakfast, those who do not eat breakfast tend to eat in a day more food calories, weight gain is a matter of course. The reason may be due to hunger caused by overeating, especially later in the day easier for high-energy food intake as a psychological compensation. So, eat breakfast for a whole day to control appetite, reduce over-eating and effective ways.

Breakfast can be long-term sustained weight loss. From the National Weight Control Registry Centre informed than those who successfully lose weight 14 kg, and maintained for one year or longer, often to eat breakfast as they lose weight and keep one important means. National Weight Control Center, another survey data more convincing, by 2959 participants in the survey, 78% eat breakfast every day, only 4% said they never eat breakfast. The researchers claimed that breakfast can reduce hunger later in the day, is conducive to sustained weight loss, while providing key nutritional substances that help to improve metabolism.