Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Legs Tips for a more perfect thighs

Thigh cellulite can not be eliminated, if you always unbearable anguish. 8 thin legs tips, help you easily lose the excess fat on the thigh. No Chijianfeiyao, do not have to do bariatric surgery, easy transfiguration legs beautiful woman.

1. To do high-SLR

Wake up every day, you can do in the living room or the room five high-raising, each for one minute, each done a rest for a while. High leg lift is a good thin thigh movement, it is a good exercise to the thigh muscle, and promote fat burning legs. Beauty of the mm who did not want the elephant leg has to follow you, want to wear short skirts, that let us get up every day thigh exercise a bit and let their own slender legs slender.

2. After dinner stop for a while or take a walk

Do meal directly sit still, so will let you accumulate fat to your thighs and buttocks. To wash dishes, tidy the kitchen is very good, so you can stop for a while. You know? Stand for half an hour after a meal can prevent fat accumulation in your lower body. If you have time, you can go out for a walk after dinner. "After dinner walk, live to 99", get out to see to move to the thigh muscle, the heat consumption of inhalation, to achieve the purpose of thin thighs, and allow yourself to become healthier.