Monday, July 19, 2010

Weight loss diet new tactics to crawl

Weight loss can crawl crawl Oh, do not be surprised, let us look at the. Crawling to help the body weight distribution to the limbs, in addition to effective weight loss, but also reduce the spinal load, so that women become "beautiful reptile."

Lean back in the best way is to crawl crawl crawl, especially for the back, cervical fatigue of obese people. Back to start military training exercise to this particular time:

1) prone position, elbow brace, the elbow crawling forward alternation 10-15 meters, repeat 2-3 times, breathing evenly.

2) the left hand support, the right elbow and right leg forward 15-20 meters, repeat 2-3 times. Crawling, the upper body slightly lift. Alternating on both sides.

3) alternating elbows forward creeping crawling 8-10 meters. Legs straight, relax, and climb with the upper body moving forward. Repeat three times, intermittent l-1.5 min.

4) crawl forward rhythmically alternating 15-20 meters, repeat 2-3 times. Practice, the head slightly lifted, sagging breasts naturally, climb speed should slowly climb rate may be minor.

5) diameter of 5-6 meters along the circle clockwise creeping, crawling and then counterclockwise. Practice, the head should tilt to the side to climb. Repeat 2-3 times, 1-1.5 min interval.

6) 15-20 m alternately crawling forward. Repeat 2-3 times, intermittent 2 minutes.

7) alternately crawling back 10-15 meters. When climbing, chin micro inward income, legs straight and relaxed with hands coordination. Climb will be able to lose weight, is not very simple, it Come try to.