Thursday, July 15, 2010

People lose weight up to 5 large lose weight "hoax"

A refrigerator to store goods

Hoarding food? Are we talking about weight gain it? The results of the refrigerator is empty out a new purchase, eat eating habits. Great stress to the refrigerator to keep stocks.

Both fruits and vegetables or meat, egg and milk, have fresh and healthy as the first standard. Such as dairy products are the main source of protein and calcium, as a snack is also very good, but remember to choose low-fat light series (fat taste thin, not easy to satisfy the palate, urge sympathy for "eating" desire), and in the weight on, do not buy economic savings or promotions Family Pack installed, small copies of the four cups is enough.

I remember buying some more eggs, breakfast eating 1 to 2 hard boiled eggs, not only satiety, and scientific evidence will help burn calories.

2, always remember to eat breakfast

Do not eat breakfast? Hunger haunt you one morning, basal metabolism slows, eaten at noon and easy retaliatory head. Do eat their own jam (without letting go of sugar), or a small piece of dark chocolate melted with a microwave oven coated in 2 whole-wheat bread, to meet the food (and even sweets!) Desire, of course, different types of grain cereals exchange Breakfast is also an excellent choice. No greater time, also on the take from the fridge and eat an apple (see, refrigerator store goods more important!).

3, to eat snacks

This "trick" indeed proven! The little snacks in the office drawer, or gym bag, car seat, one or two snack time can improve the body metabolism, and effectively help get rid of hunger. When you especially like to eat salty, sweet or hot, when high-fiber cereal section, refried beans, a meat section are left with a magic weapon. Do not create feelings of guilt, they are also helping your metabolism.

4, do not filter lunch

Whether you like to eat take-away or bring their own lunch together, a good lunch meal can make people feel good (which will consume the same calories). To avoid another spy in the afternoon 33 desserts, comprehensive nutrition and adequate protein is essential in the lunch. Grilled chicken breast with a green salad, egg protein and vegetable pie and chips, burgers and salads turkey whole wheat are Western-style restaurant, good choice of coffee. If you bring their own lunch, then the tomatoes, lettuce, bean curd that often appear to be the best supporting actor.

5, insulated vending machine

Shakespeare himself as the novel's heroine it, imagine you never know vending machines. Let those colorful drinks and snacks and you will always maintain friendly distance. If so, you can automatically stop at that is called "convenience stores" of buildings.