Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OL afternoon slimming campaign office

Relax at your desk

If it is too busy to get away, take off shoes, try a few yoga postures, attention will be more focused, will ease a lot of emotion.


Legs and sit cross-legged with their hands stretched out, and as high as the shoulders, palms up, then quickly move up, palm hearts opponents, both nose breathing, arm back into place quickly, while breath, repeated about 1 minutes after the break, then repeat.

While consumption of fat lunch

If you would like to take a little calories consumed during the lunch break, very suitable for the following exercise, the jogging machine to do full 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, is very effective.


First warm-up two minutes, then quickly turn to do three minutes of walking and 1 minute buffer time.

Walking fast, each time the slope will be vigorous machine pulled slowly, resting slope back to zero, return repeated 5 times.

Next, do 5 minutes of abdominal and back exercise, 5 minutes of push-ups, and finally, 5 minutes of stretching exercises to ease the physical.

A skipping rope, balancing strength

Want to maintain a good figure, the best way is to continue to do these powerful combination of aerobic exercise and weight lifting exercise, make sure the muscles are more balance.


Rotation speed rope skipping two minutes, with a minute of weight lifting fitness equipment movement, to keep activities, maintain a high heart rate, calories burned will be more.

Each using a different weight equipment, to confirm to move to the different parts of the body. This in turn 10 times, the last use of abdominal exercise to relax, and then shower and I am sure the body easily!

Improving posture

Although exercise can relieve stress and body fatigue, bad posture is usually caused by muscle soreness may be the main cause of long-term down, physical, psychological and health were affected. If possible, please massage experts can look at your sitting or standing, try to remove the root causes of pain.