Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not all people can be successful with dieting lose fat

Not all people can be successful with dieting lose fat. If the diet is not only inappropriate but is becoming larger and fat to lose weight! What to do to be successful dieters lose weight? To see if the users share the 10 most effective tips to lose weight now!

Here are 10 pairs of me, not conventional, but very effective weight loss tips. But this way, I lost a total of 50 pounds (about 45 kg). These tips have worked, because almost every secret around a small target to complete. In my opinion, not only to maintain the enthusiasm and also lose a lot of weight in a short time, you have to do quite a bit. The reason I call these tips for the "unconventional" because before I started losing weight, most of these tips are unheard of.

We have representation from the "calorie intake, calories consumed," such as rap began. Yes, you want to lose weight you have to insist on a reasonable diet combined with exercise. Although you may have heard before the emetic more direct method, but I do not want to spend time in that kind of thing. This reminds me of the first tips:

1, buy a digital scale

Do look very simple. I suggest that to lose weight before buying a digital scale accurate to 0.2 (that is, 2% pounds, about 10 grams). I will explain why below. I also recommend, or buy a electronic scale to record your weight every day, or on the day, hands-down your weight.

I bought this one electronic scale, it is accurate to 0.2 (ie 2%) and will take note of my weight, at Sam's Club (the United States, a large supermarket) it only cost me 22 dollars (a very low !). For me it be a successful investment.

2, the weight of every day

You will find almost every dieter will tell you, once a week as long as that weight on the line. I suggest just the opposite. Facing successful because, I am happy to see every day (weight loss) results. The reason I recommend buying an electronic scale accurate to 0.2, because if the previous day, said that out of 170.8 pounds and 170.0 pounds, then the next day, the two are very different. One day by a 0.8 pounds would be great.

However, if your balance is not so accurate, then a whole day eating healthy foods combined with hard exercise, the next day's show, if still 170 pounds, you will feel very frustrated. A precise scale allows you to lose weight to maintain a more positive attitude. Good results in more (daily number of specific weight loss), weight loss easier.