Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinner will be a lot of fat to eat fruit

Many people believe that fruit is rich in cellulose, almost free of fat and protein meals at night instead of using fruit, you can rest assured that uncontrolled eating, weight loss has not only beauty Competition. But nutrition experts say, from the perspective of nutrition, fruits, low energy is not food, it contains calories and sugar high and low. As the sweet taste is easy to eat too much, which will be converted to fat and sugar accumulation. Especially for dinner a lot of fruit, leading to accumulation of fat was more likely. For example, every 100 grams of strawberries, about 30 kilocalories, 100 grams of litchi can provide about 90 kcal of energy, if one eat a lot of calories that are not low. Another example is the summer, some people who want to lose weight do not eat watermelon eating, in fact, half a medium-sized watermelon make you unconsciously intake 680 kcal of energy, equivalent to about three bowls of rice. So do not eat eat fruit, the result could be counterproductive.

In fact, some other essential body nutrients, such as protein, fat, calcium, iron, zinc and other trace elements contents in the fruit but little. So long as dinner with a fruit will cause inadequate intake of protein and iron, causing anemia, and immune function. The correct way to lose weight should be light diet with regular exercise, eat a fruit meal sometimes not a bad idea, but not every day.