Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Break three blind spot in the campaign to lose weight fast effective

Blind spots 1, stovepipe speaking, hard to do small hip parade, did not thin!

Many newspapers and magazines are always slimming exercise, even in the bookstores can buy many of the slim book, there are many thin here and there thin muscle movement. No matter which part of the thigh, calf, waist, stomach, buttocks, arms.. . Everything, every day you serious 1,2,3,4, obediently did so, but how have not changed a bit thin legs, buttocks, or the same size? The problem was, you do not meet the aerobic exercise. To burn fat, you must have to do aerobic exercise, strength exercise main effect of increasing muscle mass, enhance metabolic rate, and sculpture for your body, make you look more curves. If you only do strength exercise, do not do aerobic exercise, it will increase muscle, fat, or still, it seems not only slim, but more sturdy Oh! In addition to gymnastics, the daily lot of walking or running a 30 minutes now!

Blind spots 2, climb 11 floors to go to work every day, how not thin?

First of all, what may award such persistence and perseverance of you, but why is an ounce? The problem is the length of time in the campaign. Climbing stairs is aerobic exercise can not go wrong! But think of how long it takes to climb, 11th floor, 5 minutes? 10 minutes? Effects of aerobic exercise should be at least 20-30 minutes of time to achieve, the body will start burning fat more efficiently!

Blind spot in the 3 + aerobics jogging every day, how do not lean against fat!

1 thing to get up every day to a nearby school playground run a 3,5-ring, then at noon near the gym on the company aerobics class, every day rain or shine from the continuous, also devoted considerable attention to diet, eat a very low card, but still weight gain? Have such a large amount of exercise, and also an ounce? This is indeed plenty of physical activity every day, but to remind you that long to maintain the same exercise prescription has not changed for a long time the body will gradually get used to exercising. You have to do is to change the sport, intensity and time. To replace the morning jogging, swimming, or increase the intensity of exercise can also increase the exercise time, run a few laps more.