Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lazy Summer Diet beauty

There are many types of aerobics for your choice, these movements are generally speaking larger, neighbors will not notice if you can determine if a nuisance in the house for exercise is definitely a good way. Can consume a lot of calories for exercise, a more effective method is to pre-exercise weight-loss products in the body painting, it makes you more with less! !

Select two for your own Coke bottle (hands can get too firm), filling fresh water on the inside, this tool is ready, you can start for exercise was.

This method is a major part of the biceps exercise, wear short sleeves in summer when we will find our large arm circumference will be especially good-looking.

Standing legs apart, feet shoulder width distance, his hands holding Coke bottles, palm forward, his elbow caught in the waist, legs bent. Start arm up and down movement. Note abdomen, hip, elbow clamp waist, back to vertical. Slowly raised his arm to have control of the slow down, each 15.

1. A hand held onto the table, one leg standing, the other leg straight up and down a slight backward swing state.

2. Feet together, body straight standing, tighten the abdomen and buttocks, and heel yo-yo, 50 times a day on it.