Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Four recipes for breakfast, fruit diet

Fruit, nutritious, low heat value is very suitable for the weight loss ingredients. The following fruit and chicken salad, fruit and shrimp salad, kiwi and red dates tea, kiwi fruit, salmon fried rice and other four diet books are very suitable for breakfast food.

Recipe for a fruit diet: Shrimp Fruit Salad

Ingredients: 300 g grass shrimp, kiwi one, mango 1 / 3

Method: Wash added Shui Zhushu grass shrimp, picked into the ice water chilled, remove the drain plate. Wash, peel and cut kiwifruit, mango with diced shrimp mixed with cooked food, but also poured a little fresh lemon juice or yogurt without sugar.

Weight Loss Nutritional Analysis: This fruit salad shrimp can provide adequate protein and fiber, but less starch, it is recommended with a bowl of cereal or 2 slices of toast, can be added to cold noodles.

Fruit diet recipes II: chicken fruit salad

Ingredients: chicken breast half palm big, red pepper half, kiwi 1, Liu Dingzhi about 50c.c.

Method: Wash red pepper seeded and cut into thin strips; Peel kiwifruit growing strip wash. Boiled chicken breast cut into strips to fry cooked with red peppers article, kiwi article on plate, pour orange juice can.

Weight Loss Nutritional Analysis: adequate protein and low fat chicken, reduce cardiovascular damage, but the lack of starch in this Road, breakfast, bagel with food recommendations.

Fruit diet recipes 3: kiwi salmon fried rice

Ingredients: 1 box commercial frozen fried rice, kiwifruit 1

Methods: After the frozen fried rice in the microwave, Wash, peel and cut the kiwi sprinkled with food.

Weight Loss Nutritional Analysis: starchy foods can make the morning full of energy, and salmon provides protein, kiwifruit has dietary fiber. Drink a glass of milk or milk if you can supplement calcium and protein.

Fruit diet recipe 4: Kiwi jujube tea

Ingredients: kiwi half teeth, dates 3-5, black tea bag 1 bag

Methods: The program dates to open skin, seeded with the tea bag after the water 300c.c., after the fire to boil, add peeled kiwi wash, cook a small fire continued after 1 minute you can turn off the heat, remove the tea After the tea bag, red dates and kiwi fruit can be eaten.

Weight Loss Nutritional Analysis: In the morning habit of coffee drinking may change this for tea, sugar, no trans fatty acids, reducing calorie intake, but nutritional integrity smaller than a cup of milk.