Monday, July 5, 2010

Eat to lose weight according to blood type

Diet, exercise is a magic weight-loss of the two, but you know them and your blood type is a two-Oh! As you select the right blood type diet and the activity, the way you lose weight easier.

O-meat Doctrine

O-is the most ancient of human blood. 40,000 years BC, O blood type ancestors 11 Romans lived by hunting. They get energy from the high protein food, he's sturdy. O type blood has still continued the physical characteristics of hunting peoples.

On the type recipes: animal protein is indispensable. The key to weight control, above all, strict control of wheat products, "import", then pay attention to controlling food intake and low intake of fat, with particular attention to those affecting the thyroid hormone secretion in eating less food, eat those foods can enhance metabolism, to received a good weight loss.

Prevent the import of: cereals, pulses, dairy products.

Promote import: fish, animal liver, lean meat.

Appropriate movement: the significance of sport in the O blood type person who embodies the more dramatic. Only vigorous exercise can help their acidity of muscle tissue, full body fat burning. Such as aerobic exercise, swimming, throttle and so on.


BC 25,000 BC to 20,000 years ago, the man turned to animal husbandry and farming mainly settled in this life there A blood. Diet mainly from changes in meat intake to a large number of grains and other agricultural products, digestive and immune system changes accordingly.

Recipe of the type: Most meat-type A blood in the body into fat and stored, while the plant was able to help food digestion and excretion. A blood type can not properly digest dairy products, so it is best to eat more low fat foods such as vegetables and grains is the best match. On the A-type blood people, the intake of vegetable protein intake than the protein from meat is more beneficial to enhance the physique. Meat seems to be blood type A people who lose weight natural enemies.

Prevent the import of: meat, dairy products, wheat, pork, beef and mutton.

Promote import: vegetable oil, soy products, vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken.

Appropriate exercise: a suitable weight loss campaign are: quiet, so that the movement of concentration. Such as leisure chi, yoga, slow skating, jogging and so on.

B-omnivorous Doctrine

Blood type B, as a nomadic people with strong adaptability to the environment like a chameleon, changing with the adjustment of its own. B-type blood easier to balance the body, with a strong immune system. Therefore, in food, has a unique, almost unlimited meat and vegetables are very adapt, dairy products are also useful.

On the type Recipes: Best of B-type diet is not necessarily charter contains many elements of "omnivorous." But this does not mean that blood type B can eat and drink with impunity, but that they should pay attention to adequate nutritional intake to ensure a varied diet. B blood type had better eat red lean meat, do not eat chicken. In addition, appropriate