Friday, July 23, 2010

Thin people to lose weight by up to

Path of a person's weight is full of hardships, and see other people's weight-loss results, you may be able to be of some encouragement. Before and after the original one in the thin contrast is so strong, that even strengthen your commitment to the pursuit of beauty. Meanwhile, the success of those thin people who have some experience and lessons we learn about what kind of weight-loss methods are healthy.

Out of good body

Name: Xuan Son

Weight-loss outcomes: from 120 kg to 88 kg

Weight-loss experience: I grew up studying dance, but the plump figure often penalized. This dance has no distinct effect on the weight-loss, and a stop to it will gradually gain weight. Then she met a Latin dance teacher, encouraged me to study Latin. Latin is no limit on the body, but will also lose weight.

In the Latin dance at the same time will also practice yoga, stretching muscles, so that the muscles grow too serious legs. Xuan Son is now the standard model has been build up. There is a food experience is absolutely not eat 4 hours before bedtime, this is very effective.

Thin Teng jumped back

Name: white

Slimming results: 135 pounds before weight loss, lose weight, 105 pounds.

Weight-loss experience: the old me, face, arms, waist, legs, no one is sturdy, too much to eat. As too fat, I can only wear boys clothes large.

In order to smug, I am determined to lose weight, with a half months finally cut down the 30 kg. Why can cut so fast? This body has a relationship with individuals, and I was easily the type of fat thin trade, is particularly vulnerable to thin, but also particularly vulnerable to fat, in this period, I do not know where to courage, really is persevered, sum up experience, The most important attitude and approach. Is to pipe shut, steps towards leg. Exercise every day, put an end to snack, to reduce appetite.

Smaller piece of the pie face

Name: Yuanyuan

Weight-loss outcomes: results of a significant face-lift

Face-experience: A few years ago I was also a standard pie face, round face, fleshy face, Super Multi, with baby fat, always wanted to face-lift. After two years of effort, my face was a lot smaller.

I used to never care, from skin care I started in 2008. 1. Every night to do facial massage, be sure to thin face with massage oil or essential oil, moisturizer also line (face dry, then hand in the face of friction, easy to wrinkle).

2. Within four hours before bedtime Do not drink water, if it is thirsty, to drink a sip of it. I wake up, the first drink a large glass of warm water during the day and drink plenty of water, glass inside with a few slices of fresh lemon Oh.

3. Body lean, then would lose weight oh face