Thursday, July 22, 2010

Think about what you are really hungry

1 Think about what you are really hungry, the best-selling diet book "I'm really hungry right," the author of Michaela. Mei suggested that whenever you have the desire to eat, we should ask ourselves: truly hungry?

She said: "The hunger is your body signals to you, it will need to add energy, so if you desire to eat is not from hunger, eating will never be satisfaction."

And normal eating, you should feel very comfortable, not stop the hiccups, bloating, or tired. To know your stomach is only about the size of your fist, a food can make it to meet.

Solution: Eat small meals can help you curb excessive eating habits.

2 selected snack foods U.S. Food and health experts in Marana Wellness Foundation. Pu Duomo that after dinner is a time when people are most relaxed, sitting on the sofa watching TV, listening to music, is most likely to be more calorie intake time. Holding a big bag of potato chips sitting in front of the TV special Jazz Great Jazz, for to lose weight or to maintain a good body of people, is simply to eat euthanasia.

Solution: If you can not find non-food, or life is no fun, you can try the following solution: locking the kitchen immediately after dinner, or eat some low calorie foods, such as a small bag of snacks of 100 cards, or half cup low-fat low-fat ice cream. And so you gradually adapt to these low-calorie snack, then change them for a cup of tea, 0 calories.