Friday, July 2, 2010

Pear can help to reduce gastrointestinal absorption of fat

Pear is another common in daily life, but the fruit, many people may still want to lose weight prescription weight loss hard to find, but ignore the weight of this high quality goods at your fingertips. To this end, the United States, "Health" magazine has again recommended to the juicy, sweet fruit and refreshing it, hoping it would help more people maintain the same good figure.

Help to reduce gastrointestinal absorption of fat

Pear is a low-calorie and high nutrition of fruits, a medium-sized pear only 100 calories and rich in vitamin C. In addition, the pears have become the diet quality goods, mainly from the rich fiber of which an average of a pear contains 5 grams of fiber, which is equivalent to the daily demand of the body 1 / 4, fiber can help reduce stomach fat absorption, thereby play a role in weight loss.

Very rich nutrient content

American Institute of Food and health, Dr. Laura said before meals to eat in a pear, which a lot of fiber can easily bring satiety, which control appetite, reduce the body's fat intake. In order to maximize the slimming effect pears must be eaten with skin, because skin in rich content of fiber and other nutrients.

Easy to enjoy delicious meals to lose weight

In the supermarket, the market, can easily find the shadow of pear, and a wide range, not afraid of you did not have to pick one kind of tired of eating. But the pear is easy to change color after the cut, affecting appetite, which Washington Sali Xi hotel spa total chef told us a trick: to cut the pears in cold water, add some lemon juice, you can prevent the pear oxidation and color it, and pears with lemon juice after soaking also an attractive aroma.

In addition to direct consumption, the pears can also be a dessert of the protagonist, mix in chopped pear in a number of salad dressings, strawberry jam or chocolate sauce, you can easily enjoy a delicious meal to lose weight.