Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 weight-loss food

Slimming Food 1: Pumpkin Seeds

Slimming component analysis: pumpkin because of the low calorie and fiber-rich diet received by the family's favorite, and pumpkin in the pumpkin seeds are some of the other super-nutritious. Heat than the seeds not only lower, but also rich in magnesium delayed aging women. Moreover, pumpkin seeds more difficult to peel, so keep the "nibbling" and chewing in, but also by the continuous secretion of saliva to stimulate the body's metabolism to speed up the conversion of fat and waste exclusion.

How to Eat Slimming: Slimming want to achieve the best results, we should select the flavor. In addition to direct food away, stripped of some nuts added to the salad is also a good choice.

Slimming Food 2: Oatmeal

Slimming component analysis: also contains oat cereal food in both the absence of saponin, can be described as a staple food in the ginseng. Since oats are coarse fibers of food, so not only can promote digestion and toxins from the body, but also delicate skin becomes shiny.

How to Eat Slimming: oatmeal is more common and practical method. If conditions permit, you can use skim milk, oatmeal foam.

Slimming Food 3: raspberry

Slimming component analysis: fresh raspberry is just flash in the pan in the late summer, but more reassuring is that loss of frozen raspberries and no nutrition, so it can be used to eat in the winter. Because the raspberry is rich in anti-inflammatory factors and dietary fiber. Is to maintain the same good body and skin of necessary weapons.

How to Eat Slimming: direct food or mix with plain yogurt in the food.