Thursday, June 17, 2010

Excessive exercise is not weight loss

All know that exercise can lose weight, but the sisters have to pay attention, and so thin the more demanding the longer the meat.

Excessive exercise is not weight loss

Exercise can improve the body's basal metabolic rate, burns calories, it helps lose weight. Researchers to experiment with the 72 women who let them in their walk-run exercise 30 minutes, and test blood before and after exercise obese gene product - leptin concentrations.

Intensity exercise does not burn fat

Found that 86%% of subjects of leptin are increased significantly. The results show that the intensity of the campaign basically do not burn fat, especially in anaerobic exercise, muscle glycogen produced during anaerobic glycolysis metabolite is lactic acid, lactic acid under aerobic conditions in the liver most of the decomposition of carbon dioxide and water;

Intensity of exercise increases fat sometimes

Another part of the re-synthesis of glycogen, but also a small amount of lactic acid synthesis through the metabolism of fat.

That is why the intensity of the exercise is not only not achieve the role of weight loss, but will sometimes increase body fat accumulation of reasons.

Thin to moderate exercise

For this reason, sports medicine experts recommend those who want to lose weight, the general movement for half an hour to an hour, heart rate 130-175 per minute under the left can be regarded as moderate exercise, such increases leptin concentrations.