Monday, June 21, 2010

The practice of 2 weight loss food

Ingredients: 150 grams of zucchini, carrots 50 grams.

Seasoning: soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, pepper, pepper side.


1. Pumpkin Wash (do not peel) rubbing with fine filament thread rolling device. Carrots peeled thin filament twist. Mixing the two plate and serve.

2. All the spices down together and mix thoroughly, pour in the vegetable on when to eat or dipping can be.

Comment: Few people raw zucchini, did not expect the crisp touch of creamy silk squash mixed with a trace of foam, dip dip juice good tune was actually so special flavor. Raw big advantage is a greater degree of preservation of food in various vitamins, these vitamins and dipping sauce of capsaicin together with the fresh taste in your taste, while playing the role of both the beauty they lose weight.

Ingredients: 25 grams of white shrimp, red kidney beans 50 grams.

Seasoning: thick soup, salt, mint leaves.


1. Red kidney beans soaked in water for one night prior. White shrimp, shelled and take the meat, cut back to the shrimp line.

2. Red kidney beans and simmer the soup thick with shrimp, red kidney beans soft rot, into the bowl containing the last mint leaf embellishment.

Comment: shrimp to provide quality people have put on weight and will not fear for protein, red kidney beans and red bean with a similar cell in the body to remove excess water efficiency, while providing high-quality people carbohydrate produce satiety. Combined with the delicious taste of soup cook, the letter a delicious weight loss food. Just remember the broth into the refrigerator should first freeze the white oil, will be removed and then the cooking.