Friday, June 11, 2010

Morning wake up the heat must be added

In five times a day is the most want to eat, this time, if the indulgence of appetite, over time, obesity, overweight and other symptoms can inadvertently come its way. However, if an effective form of restraint or other place of that of the people who are losing weight will be more with less.

Morning wake up the heat must be added

When the human body in the early morning, nearly 8 to 10 hours are fasting. To meet the morning's work and learning, we must add heat. A cup of hot chocolate contains about 110 kilocalories, a glass of orange juice contains about 109 kilocalories, and body

Day of folic acid required for 15%. The chocolate and fruit juice is a better simple carbohydrates, which is the energy source.

If you want a day full of energy, it requires adequate intake of calories, a cup of chocolate or orange juice, plus a cup of yogurt or fresh fruit to meet this demand, which can better implement their plans.