Monday, June 28, 2010

Crazy diet to reduce calorie intake, but neglected to bring the metabolic rate thus decreased

Misunderstanding 3: frozen food, drink more calories than room temperature food consumption

Tests show that the test beverages were consumed polar ice consumed beverage calories than drinking room temperature tests were only slightly higher than the minimal. Negligible difference to simply do not have any effect for weight loss, about 10 calories a day to consume. View of the frozen food for gastrointestinal adverse impact, we could choose a more healthy and effective way.

Mistakes 4: crazy diet to reduce calorie intake, but neglected to bring the metabolic rate thus decreased.

Indeed, if the reduced caloric intake, metabolic rate will decrease with. The human body is a very smart energy bank. You absorb more, it will store up (into fat); absorb less, it will reduce consumption (lower basal metabolic rate), but also may reduce immunity in organ maintenance and the "expenditure." When you look slim by dieting, the body of your lack of caloric intake prolonged the response was "you're hungry." At this time, the body will automatically reduce the metabolic rate, thereby reducing heat consumption, as much as possible to retain heat. This seems to run counter to your diet. The frightening thing is, once you unbearable hunger, the heat back to the diet before the supply, "reduce" the basal metabolic rate temporarily unable to rise to the original level, but will cause heat accumulation, appear more cut more fat situation. If you have more movement in the weight loss process, you can offset these small changes. Well balanced diet and exercise, can allow the body to maintain the metabolic rate of consumption of calories.

Misunderstanding 5: slow metabolism at night, if you do not eat, will accelerate weight loss

People after a certain time after the weight will no longer eat less, simply because they reduce the total calorie intake, not because they advance the sake of added calories. In the dark before the intake of your calories for one day will not speed up the rate of weight loss, unless the intake of calories than they need.

Perhaps it is more than five errors by the more fat you more the reason why. Each weight loss people are often heard saying: to increase your metabolic rate. How can we maintain or even increase metabolic rate due, it is the beauty of our open door?