Monday, June 28, 2010

Metabolism will slow down the increase with age

Summer, and weight loss has become an urgent task beauty ladies. Why do not fat people how to eat, but how diet and I do not thin it? These questions seem to point to one answer: "Blame is slow metabolism."

"Metabolism is the body to sustain life and to the general term for all chemical changes, the whole process allows you to breathe normally, and promote blood flow to your brain to function properly and gain the necessary energy from food." Human Nutrition University of California, Los Angeles Associate Director, Susan - Bowerman explains, "In addition, basal metabolic rate refers to the body in a static, to ensure the normal operation of the various organs of the required daily calories."

Metabolic rate and body composition are directly related. 2 pound fat calories consumed a day, but the per pound lean body mass (weight minus fat weight) can consume 14 calories. Lean body composed of a large part of the muscle, so the best way to increase the metabolic rate is through strength training to enhance their muscles.

It has been several hundred years of history of metabolism, but it is still a lot of misunderstanding, nutrition expert Susan - Bowerman summarizes the five errors on the metabolism, opened its mystery.

Five errors of metabolism

Misunderstanding 1: metabolism will slow down the increase with age

With increasing age, most people will increase weight. Many people attribute it to slow down metabolic rate, but usually this is because they reduce the frequency or intensity of exercise, reducing energy consumption per day. Exercise reduced muscle mass will also have a lower, the decline in lean body mass, which directly led to slow metabolic rate, body weight gain. This phenomenon is not irreversible. By cardiopulmonary exercise exercise to burn calories, strength training to maintain or increase muscle, these are the prevention of fertility because of old age the best way.

Misunderstanding 2: metabolism are natural, not artificial change

Some people seem to always eat, but food is not fat. One important reason may be that they choose healthy, lower calorie foods. These "lucky" mostly consumed more calories, they may soon take regular walk, stand up and do some stretching exercises, and colleagues face to face communication rather than email. So, if you want to resolve to promote the metabolism by increasing muscle every day more than is necessary to move La.