Friday, June 18, 2010

Breast milk diet DIY health also

Anywhere can buy soy milk, plus carrots, bananas, tomatoes, spinach, cabbages, fruits and vegetables, milk labeled as fruit juices, can be cleverly transformed into a high fiber and high nutrition in weight-loss help, some people rely on this method of fasting 3 days, 9 pounds under thin, and the chest will not shrink.

Many nutritionists agree that obesity is not nutrition, but because the structural causes of malnutrition. As living conditions improve, people over-consumption of food containing animal fats, and fat metabolism caused by endocrine disorders, in turn causing fat savings. Therefore, to reduce animal fat intake, increase the natural plant foods in the diet, the ratio is one way to lose weight healthy.

Research shows that soy milk is rich in soy protein, not only to supply the body with adequate nutrition, but also promote excretion of excess cholesterol, cholesterol in the blood decreased, and promote fat burning; soybean saponin may antioxidant and prevent atherosclerosis; soy lecithin, inhibited fat accumulation, but also improve sleep.