Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yogurt not lose weight more

Method 1: yogurt + training a green papaya milk 150 ml sugar-free yogurt, milk with two spoons practice, stir into the Green Mugua Zhi. Can be instant, can be frozen in the refrigerator, taste better.

Method 2: yogurt + practice daily before meals with 150 ml milk yogurt, with two key training milk, mix well and serve.

Method 3: breast massage milk yogurt + practice when deploying multiple systems Chin certain products, after bath every night, to James in the chest, clockwise counterclockwise exchange

For massage. At least 15 minutes to the chest feel hot at all.

Morning glass of milk, a cup of yogurt at night is the most ideal. But some people especially like yogurt, often a large number of Suannai meal may lead to weight gain. This is because the yogurt itself contains a certain energy, equivalent to an extra meal intake of these Suannai heat caused weight gain. For healthy people, drink a glass or two a day, that is, one day about 250-500 grams of food is more appropriate. The best half an hour to an hour after dinner drinks

Use, adjustable intestinal flora on health benefit.

Drink a glass of cold milk, will be very uncomfortable stomach, trying to heated yoghurt drink, or that heat will destroy the nutrients. In fact, after the yogurt is warm drink. That yogurt should not be heated, is worried about killing the most valuable of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt, its role is to produce lactic acid, to increase intestinal acidity, and can inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria and reduces spoilage bacteria produce toxins in the gut if only to yogurt for heat treatment, it will increase the activity of lactic acid bacteria, their specific health effects even more. So, to say after the yogurt is heated for drinking. Can be packed into the yogurt with 45 or so warm water slowly heated, with the heat rock, and so packing warm feeling, and you can drink up.