Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trap to make you fat

When starting a new romance, and many people are under a bit thin at this time, as always indulge in too happy, too romantic, too perturbed mood tense, but do not think rice tea do not want to have a meal without a meal. Even more frightening is that this way, you see jeans wider, lighter weight, and will think nothing to eat and drink sparingly a few, or no movement while not matter. It sounds like, and fat has nothing to do it! That .... You are how, secondly it! Because when one of your mealtime chaos will follow the decline in metabolism, when you from the beginning of the sweet and sour taste of love revived, the "easy to get fat," the inevitable result has been to You wave a long time!

To overcome this problem, in this period, in any case you have to eat something, if a little stomach discomfort, it may be you eat too little or have not eaten a meal, which will slow your metabolism. Nutritionists say eating dinner when you start again when, but will unconsciously eat more things, so that your weight gain. Therefore, even if there is no appetite, but also in the every 3 to 4 hours eating small amounts of light food, carbohydrate and protein supplement to balance. For example, sandwiches, fruit, salad, yogurt, low fat cheese slice or a small bowl of noodle soup. Editors: successful dieters regain weight fast lose weight the healthy way to lose weight method can be thin at no cost

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