Thursday, May 27, 2010

The best bodybuilding

The best anti-aging movement - running

Rhythmic running, able to swallow a lot of oxygen, on the metabolism boost. Running it is a moderate amount of exercise, alternating between tension and relaxation movement, which regulates people's moods or excessive sympathetic nervous excitement and tension of the blood circulation of the run, to eliminate blood vessels, particularly cerebral blood vessels of the risks, since to a stronger role. Often insist on running on cardiac function in a more prominent role in the increase. No wonder some people overseas are running as "the best anti-aging movement."

The best bodybuilding - Gymnastics

The conduct of sustained fitness and gymnastics to enhance balance and coordination exercises, can receive significant fitness effects. Now introduce a balanced exercise, may wish to try: straight forward with both hands, palms close to the wall, keeping the body straight, then bend elbows, body movements after a previous day, 8 to 10 times, persistent, determined will benefit.

The best anti-hypertension campaign - Walking

Speaking from the human blood circulation system, in walking, muscle system, like turning the pump, through the repeated contraction of muscles to promote blood vessel contraction and expansion, and promote blood circulation, thus reducing blood pressure.

For walking produce health effects, we must select the right amount of exercise, too little exercise reach the purpose, too much fatigue. Under normal circumstances, to take one hour per day is appropriate; rate according to age and will have to choose their own health, slow to 60 to 70 steps per minute, the velocity of 80 to 90 steps per minute, fast was 110 per minute 120 steps.