Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blind weight loss costly and pernicious to health

Summer is the season of weight loss product really looks like. In particular, the advent of the summer, on the weight, "preoccupied with" the women began a new round of weight loss process. "Slimming wind" blowing, keep selling weight loss products. This reporter learned that, nowadays, beauty family used the "beautiful" is targeted at a slender figure on. As a result, the streets of the beauty salons have lost no time in launching weight loss program, there are numerous ways and means variety, and "starvation", "weight loss medication," "smear Jianfei Shuang", "massage", "input protein" ... ... weight loss was a dizzying. Although methods vary, but all claim to be healthy to lose weight, but fast and effective.

Weight loss has become a fashion trend, but because of improper methods to lose weight, many people have experienced weight loss mistakes or failure. In this regard, experts believe that weight loss can affect the health, health is the ideal pursuit of a beautiful Canada.

Hospital Health experts say obesity is caused by a variety of reasons, such as eating disorders, genetic factors, endocrine disorders, childbirth, menopause, hormones. The causes of the imbalance in the body environment, causing excessive accumulation of body fat. Obesity causes and extent of obesity varied diet of food, drugs and the mechanism of weight loss vary vastly different obese people lose weight using the same method, on the one hand can cause invalid, on the other hand may also be because of improper use adverse consequences. "Lose weight" should be selected to enhance exercise, a balanced diet is the most healthy way to lose weight. Also, a correct aesthetic, can not figure this one-sided pursuit of external form, but should combine health and beauty, integrity, based on the pursuit of perfection in health.