Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three kinds of alternative weight loss

1, Sleeping Beauty diet

Sleeping Beauty meal meaning behind the metaphor, "If do not get up and are unable to enjoy." Sleeping Beauty diet meal is a way for friends in the process of sleep means get rid of fat. Have been sleeping not get up, do not eat there is no chance. "Elvis," Elvis is the meal of the fans of Sleeping Beauty, when he found himself no less than to wear expensive suits, they will lose weight this way.

2, alcoholic diet

William the Conqueror is such as to alcohol as a staple of the meal, his basic three meals a day rely on alcohol to maintain. After 1,000 years, was Forbes magazine as "The gay San Francisco rich" in gold once again with Robert Martini carried forward to this diet.

3, bubble gum diet

Chewing 32 times, do not swallow, then spit the food. This is the San Francisco Art businessman invented in 1903. In this way not only can enjoy the satisfaction of chewing things, but also to avoid excessive intake of calories. However, the followers of this approach, but not much.

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