Friday, May 7, 2010

Elastic rope exercise to lose weight

There are many ways to lose weight, use of elastic rope as support is also a good way to lose weight, so that you fully localized muscle tension, promote blood circulation, fat burning purposes, try to make you slim down with the elastic rope to lose weight more with less exercise it .

1, elastic rope squatting

Efficacy: stovepipe, thin hips

Fold the rope to stretch his legs open and shoulder width, feet slam the elastic rope to the flexure, two hands holding the two ends of elastic rope, do squats, vertical movement

2, sit-ups

Efficacy: thin arms, thin waist

Lying position, legs bent close together, the elastic rope tied to a tree on the flexure, or can be fixed in place, both hands holding the two ends of elastic rope, elastic rope with the strength of the head hard up until the shoulders off the ground

3, triangular stretch-type

Efficacy: thin arms, the United States shoulder

Body was shaped side lunge, left leg bent, right leg Wang Youce straight, stepped off the elastic cord to the office, left hand on left thigh, right hand extended to the overhead